06 March 2007

Three Rare Lions Fall to Poachers

Asiatic Lion (Panthera leo ssp. persica)

Three Asiatic Lions have been poached for their bones and claws, which are highly valued in traditional Chinese Medicine. Two lionesses and one cub were found mutilated in Gir National Park, on Saturday. There are only an estimated 350 Asiatic Lions still living in the wild, though they used to range from Turkey to India. All of the Lions are in this one location, raising fears that the lions will be vulnerable to disease and poaching. The Indian government has set up a separate sanctuary, but the state government of Gujarat, where the park is located, has refused to send any Lions to the new sanctuary (located in a different state), claiming that the animals are a symbol of Gujarat.

Check out this organization devoted to helping the Asiatic Lion. They have some good ideas on how you can get involved and help the Asiatic Lion.


just said...

I would just like to say: I admire and respect your dedication to educating and promoting the preservation of our world and its inhabitants. You inspire me. I hope that one day you get to see the difference that you made (i.e. this species didn't die out because Greg raised enough awareness...) Maybe that won't happen, but if nothing else, the value you place in creation increases my appreciation for the wonders of the earth. Thank you.

Greg said...

Hey, thanks :) I admire and respect you too :) Glad I could increase your appreciation of the earth's inhabitants. That's what I'm here for :)