20 March 2007

Species of the Week, 18 Mar 2007

Giant Bronze Gecko (Ailuronyx trachygaster)

Photo©Justin Gerlach

Not much is known about this lizard. It lives on two small islands in the Seychelles (north of Madagascar), with a total range of about 13 km squared.

It is rarely observed, as it spends most of its time high in the tree tops, feeding on nectar and pollen, especially of the coco-de-mer palm. There are fewer than 3500 estimated to be living, and although not in immediated danger, any loss of habitat would be disastrous. Unfortunately, invasive plants may be degrading their habitat in some areas, although efforts are under way to combat the alien plants.

Visit the Nature Protection Trust of Seychelles, to find out more about the people working with the Giant Bronze Gecko and other wildlife of the Seychelles.

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