11 March 2007

Got Rabbits?

Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus)

The Iberian Lynx is, perhaps, the most endangered species of large cat. With only about 200 individuals, the species hovers dangerously near to extinction. According to some, if this species disappears, it will be the first large cat to become extinct since the sabertooth.

DoƱana National Park in Andalusia, southern Spain, is where most of them live. Unfortunately, there is currently a short supply of wild rabbits in the park, and the cats have been venturing further and further, putting them in the path of cars and roadways, which have killed many. If the population continues to fall at the current rate, the Iberian Lynx will disappear within 10 years.

Now, scientists and park wardens are attempting to keep the cats in the park, by supplementing their diet of wild rabbit with their domestic cousins. By increasing the food supply, they hope to keep the Lynx in the park, and give them a better chance for survival.

Support efforts to save the Iberian Lynx.

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