04 February 2007

Species of the Week, 4 Feb 07

Bontebok/Blesbok (Damaliscus pygargus)

Ok, so, I know the picture of the Bontebok has been up for a while, even though the Week of the Bontebok is only just now starting. My apologies, in the future, I'll change the picture at the correct time.

I honestly had never heard of the Bontebok, until I started looking for pictures of endangered species. And right after I learned about it, I got confused, as to whether it was a Bontebok or a Blesbok, and whether it was Damaliscus dorcas, pygargus, or phillipsi. It turns out that there are two subspecies of Damaliscus pygargus, and a name change in it's history to confuse things further (from dorcas to pygargus). If all of this doesn't make sense, here's what matters: There are two supspecies of an African antelope, the Bontebok and the Blesbok.

The Blesbok now survives only on game farms and wildlife refuges. At one point in their history, the Bontebok was reduced to a mere 17 individuals. Today, however, the Bontebok is recovering, with over 2000 individuals in the wild.

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