18 February 2007

Endangered Frog Bred Successfully in Captivity

Fiji Ground Frog (Platymantis vitiana)

This story is a little old, but still good news. A student at the University of South Pacific has managed to breed the endangered Fiji Ground Frog. They are only found on two small islands in the Republic of Fiji, and their habitat is very fragmented, and numbers have been declining. These frogs have never been bred in captivity, and this gives hope that they can be preserved if their habitat is destroyed.

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Edward said...

Hi Iam Edward Narayan (PhD Candidate at the University of the South Pacific, USP, Fiji Islands). Iam working on reproductive biology of the endangered Fijian ground frog in captivity. This student is actually me!!! Thanks for posting this work...regards edward_nryn@yahoo.com