27 October 2008

Step 1: Find them.

Wetar Ground Dove (Gallicolumba hoedtii), Endangered

The Wetar Ground Dove, a bird known from only a few specimens since the early 1900s, all of them outside its native island of Wetar. Now, it has been rediscovered on the island for which it was named, and in larger numbers than ever observed. Thirty to forty of the birds were seen together, the largest recorded congregation.

Wetar is a large island, and perhaps, according to scientists working on the island, "the single most pristine in South-East Asia". Unfortunately, the island is already facing significant pressure from development, as plans to extend an existing asphalt road will open up the interior of the steeply hilled island.

You can support Columbidae Conservation, who are working to protect the Wetar Island, for the Wetar Ground Dove and the other unique species and ecosystems that currently thrive there.

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