22 April 2008

More for Your Money

Normally, here at Not Extinct Yet, I tend to focus on organizations that are working on conservation of endangered species or animal groups--the Kakapo, the Vaquita, Rhinos, Frogs, etc.

But for Earth Day 2008, I thought I'd present an opportunity to give, which will help conserve an endangered ecosystem--the Atlantic Forest of eastern Brazil. The forest, a hot-spot of biodiversity, has lost 93% of it's original area. It is home to many endangered species, including the Golden Lion Tamarin.

The Nature Conservancy, one of my favourite organizations, has started the Plant a Billion Trees campaign, to restore the Atlantic Forest. Their goal is to, well, plant a billion trees obviously. Over the next seven years, they will plant Guapuruvu, Golden Trumpet, Ice-cream Bean, and Capororoca trees, which will restore important habitat, as well as remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

For just $1, you can plant a tree. Every tree counts!

Happy Earth Day!

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