03 December 2007


Whooping Crane (Grus americana), endangered

Operation Migration, a program which is reintroducing whooping cranes to the Eastern United States, has reason to celebrate.

Each year, 20 or so captive born endangered whooping cranes, are taken on a journey guided by an ultralight aircraft. Young whooping cranes learn their migration routes from their parents, and being captive born, must learn the migration route from their breeders.

This year, during the journey between Wisconsin and Florida (see the route), a crane dubbed 733, dropped out of the flight during a difficult stretch of the trip. Crane watchers everywhere held their breath, hoping that 733 might have survived and be found. And a few days ago, they all breathed sighs of relief, as 733 was found in Kentucky, and will soon continue the journey to its winter home.

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shelli said...

There are a bunch of these whooping cranes living near my apartment (I live on a lake called "Crane's Roost" incidentally). ALSO interesting that i also came from Wisconsin to Florida... I migrated a little early though--July was hot. :)

P.S. i'm learning a lot by reading this blog. Thanks.